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Are you ready for 8.33kHz? 



EASA Approved Maintenance Organisation

EASA CH145.0254

We are a leading company in the field of Helicopter Maintenance . In our EASA - 145 certified maintenance operations technology , know-how and experience are united with each other and used for the benefit of our customers . We support and advise you about your helicopter in all matters and guarantee in any way the highest quality of service in all areas of maintenance , procurement of spare parts and logistics.


Service Center Status

We are proud to be part of worldwide networks of leading helicopter manufacturers. As we achieved service center status of AIRBUS Helicopter, AgustaWestland and Bell Helicopter we can offer our customers outstanding support by means of technical know-how and high availability of spare-/loan-parts. In turn these remarkable advantages are leading our customers to low ground-time and high efficient maintenance processes.  




Latest News

New Concorde Battery STC Available!

The maintenance free new 24V Concorde batteries are valve regulated, lead acid constructed with non-removable vent valves and equipped with corrosion-free terminals. The batteries provide reliable power in case of generator fail. The turbine engine starting rated batteries are moreover used for emergency power and non-spillable at any altitude or attitude.

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Ist Ihr VHF bereit für 8.33kHz Kanalabstand?

Mit der Verordnung Nr.1079/2012 von 12.November 2012 hat die EU Komission angeordnet, dass spätestens ab dem 17. Dezember 2017 alle Luftverkehrsteilnehmer unterhalb FL 195, Funkgeräte mit einem Kanalabstand von 8.33kHz betreiben müssen.

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Autopilot Testflug

Ein letzter ILS Anflug auf Piste 14 in Bern und der Autopilot ist erfolgreich getestet!


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Wie fit ist Ihr Cockpit?

Wir sind überzeugt das regelmässige Kontrollen an den wichtigsten Systemen im Cockpit essentiell ist.

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